Urbanista London 3.0 Dark Clown Black Earphones


SKU: Urbanista london black

With the Urbanista London 3.0, you’ll get it all: supreme quality audio, hands-free with start and stop functionality and flat cables that are colour matched. The earphones come with a clever cufflink box for easy storage when not in use. Made for Android, IOS and Windows.

"Whether it’s about the cut of your jeans, the pattern on your skirt or the print on your t-shirt, fashion helps you tell your story. The same applies to your choice of earphones."


  • Sleek aluminium design
  • Supreme quality audio
  • Smart Cufflink box for easy storage
  • Flat, colour matched and tangle free cables
  • Handsfree with microphone
  • With a single button you control both your calls and music
  • Works with Android, iOS and Windows