Urbanears Sumpan Earphones with Mic ~ Black


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Great Innovative Design from Urbanears
This lightweight earbud gives a dependable fit when you’re listening, and hangs neatly around your neck (or in a pocket) when you’re not. Includes a built-in mic/remote, tangle-free cord, and CableLoop for tidy storage. Use the hook-up feature between listens to link them behind your neck for easy access.
Hook Construction
Listening or not, keep your earbuds in reach with a hook-up feature that lets you link your earbuds together behind your neck.
Mic and Remote
The built-in mic and remote lets you pick up calls and skip between tracks without missing a beat.
Neat and Tidy
Don’t spend another minute detangling your earbuds. The CableLoop lets you to wrap up your cord and fasten it into place.