Rock Zircon Earphones Black with Mic


SKU: RockZirconBL

The guys at ROCK have designed what appears to be a piece of art, not a set of earphones.

The ROCK Zircon earphones are absolutely stunning to look at and touch, and you would be forgiven if you thought thats all they could offer, the aesthetics and artistic flare over substance. How wrong you would be.

The Zircon's are simply superb, the bass is punchy with the mids and highs crystal clear. When I first listened to them I put on Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr. , one of many test tracks that I use, and the first thing that happens is a broad smile appears. These things are good, very good.

Design wise they look stunning, but on a more practical note, the shape of the earphones seem to sit in the ear better than normal buds and feel alot more comfortable. Even the design of the 3.5mm connector is clever, it has a slightly raised bezel which holds the connector and protects the cable.

Add the microphone and Oxygen free braided copper cable for a good looking, great sounding and practical set of earphones. Well done ROCK.

Technical Specs

Speaker: 8mm

Impedance: 16ohm

Speaker Sensitivity: 93db

Frequency Response: 20-20000 Hz

Microphone: Yes