Knowledge Zenith ED9 with Mic ~ Black

Knowledge Zenith

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With its stunning looks and unique design the Knowledge Zenith ED9's stand out from the mundane list of other budget earphones. From their crisp metal outer casing to their unique changeable tuning nozzles the ED9's out shine the opposition in every way.

The unique tuning nozzles will transform the sound from a balanced sophisticated sound signature to a more bass driven anthem with crisp mids and irresistible highs. These are easily changed with a small screw thread and enables the sound to be altered in a matter of seconds.

Include the ever present 32 core copper wire, 24k gold plated 3.5mm L-shaped connector and an in-line mic with single button operation they are an audiophiles delight.



Model : KZ-ED9

Type : In-Ear

Feature: Tuning nozzles, Bronze (Balanced), Gold (Bass Driven)

Headset type: Dynamic

Connectivity : Wired

Connecting interface : 3.5mm L-Shaped

Cable length : 1.2m

Impedance : 16ohms

Output power: 2mW