Knowledge Zenith ED10 with Mic

Knowledge Zenith

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Well with every Knowledge Zenith earphones I've heard and sold over the years I'm quite frankly running out of superlatives, and then these drop on my desk. The Knowledge Zenith ED10's.

I honestly don't know how Knowledge Zenith do it time after time, raising the bar from model to model, but they do and the ED10's........they are so good. The bass is punchy but not too aggressive, the mids are precise and uncluttered with the highs being clear and sharp, a sound signature that is unfortunately rarely offered under £50 from major brands.

The styling is again I believe another selling point for many KZ earphones. They just don't look like your run of the mill buds. These are no exception, with a small sleek gun metal silver casing and a flash of copper and what looks like stainless steel finish to the rear, they look stunning.

As with all KZ earphones the ED10's come with a 32 core copper wire for durability and crisp sound reproduction. A 24k gold plated L-shaped 3.5mm connector and a one button inline microphone.

All in all another great offering from Knowledge Zenith.


 Product Name: Knowledge Zenith ED10

Type: In-ear


Sensitivity: 102dB

Frequency range: 15-26000Hz

Interface: 3.5mm Gold Plated L-Shape

Cable Length: 1.2m

Microphone: Yes