Knowledge Zenith ATR Earphones with Mic

Knowledge Zenith


Just when you thought KZ could not achieve anymore bang for your buck than the ATE so they release the ATR and wow what a pair of earphones these are. Not only do they offer the same superb ergonomic design than the ever popular ATE, they even surpass the ATE on sound quality and particularly in the bass.

The bass is full and punchy that is a joy to listen to, with a mid range and top end that deliver no matter what music you listen to. In my honest opinion these are one of the best sounding earphones in this price range that I've come across so far. Move over ATE, the new Rockit Headphones favorite is the KZ ATR.


Tech. Spec.

Model KZ ATR
Microphone Yes
Driver unit 8.2MM
Impedance 16ohm
Sensitivity 106dB
Frequency Response 15-29000Hz
Plug Type 3.5MM  L Shape