Blitzwolf BW-Vox1 Hybrid Driver Earphones



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Hybrid Driver Perfection

The Blitzwolf BW-VOX1 are a charm to every music lover and pack a lot of amazing features within an affordable price range. The hybrid pair is a combination of the portability of an earphone smartly integrates the comfort and quality of a headphone.

The BW-VOX1's  have everything – lows, mids and highs. The bass is present, but balanced, the mids are precise and crisp and the highs are vivid, bright and sharp.

Lightweight and the ergonomic design make them comfortable to wear for long periods and include the multi function inline remote the BW-VOX1 are a steal and give much more expensive brands a run for there money.


Tech Specs

  Cable length
  Microphone  Yes
  Driver Type  Dynamic driver+Balanced armature driver
  Speaker Diameter  8mm
  Interface Diameter  3.5mm audio jack
  Sensitivity  110 ± 3dB
  Impendance  16Ω
  Frequency Response  20Hz-40kHz