Blitzwolf BW-ES2 Dual Dynamic Earphones ~ Red/Black



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Dual Sounds Better
Blitzwolf packed dual driver tech into their latest pair of earphones, the BW-ES2. These earphones deliver a mouth-watering sound experience unrivaled to the capabilities of a single driver. Released in mid-2017, they have been rated as excellent value for money and produce sound that rivals much more expensive professional audio equipment.
The best way to understand what the BW-ES2 Earphones offer is to think in terms of the bass/mid and tops ratio. As along with some software tweaks, the BW-ES2 Earphones look to offer a much more separated bass – from the mids and tops. This is the basis of the dual dynamic driver design in play here. With the result being that bass is more defined and therefore more bassy. By the same token, the mids and tops are also more defined. The combined definition of each sub-frequency group results in a better overall output, one which is not only clearly, but remains as clear as the volume level increases. Resulting in a consistent sound output regardless of the type of music genre playing or the volume level set.
Unboxing the Blitzwolf BW-ES2 is where it all begins, the full package includes a gift box and zipper carry bag. Both the cool matte black and attractive red versions of the BW-ES2 have a semi transparent case so you can see the drivers in action. From the box to your ears, the BW-ES2 is a quality experience. 
Tech Specs
  Cable Length
  Microphone   Yes
  Driver Size   6mm
  Interface Diameter   3.5mm audio jack
  Sensitivity   108 ± 3dB
  Impendance   16Ω
  Frequency Response   20Hz-40kHz