Blitzwolf BW-ES1 Graphene Earphones



Graphene Greatness


What does Graphene earphones mean ?
Earphones using graphene offer superb frequency response. The reason for this is down to the graphene diaphragm’s simplicity: Most diaphragms/cones must be dampened to prevent undesirable frequency responses, graphene requires no dampening. This is because graphene is so strong that the diaphragm can be incredibly thin — and thus very light. Instead of being artificially dampened, the graphene diaphragm is dampened by the air itself. Graphene is also very energy efficient which leads to reduced power consumption.

Putting the Graphene diaphragm to the test the bass is punchy with enough sub bass to put a smile on your face. The mids and highs are precise and clear with the vocals not being overwhelmed by the bass.

The overall design is fairly minimalist in style with metal housing that feels well constructed and has a premuim look to it. The BW-ES1 also has an inline control and microphone that offers yet more of that premuim feel.


Tech Specs

  Cable Length
  Microphone  Yes
  Interface Diameter  3.5mm audio jack
  Sensitivity  102 ± 3dB
  Rated Power  5mW
  Impendance  32Ω
  Frequency Response  20Hz-20kHz